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By hiring the any function room in Riddings Park Community Centre, you are guaranteed temporary right of access to the Centre for the duration of your function. During your temporary access period you are obliged to comply with the Community Centre rules, which cover Health and Safety, Alcohol Licensing and consideration for other users. We respectfully remind you that the temporary access means that any attendee at your function will be your guest (temporary right of access is not transferable). 


A separate agreement is required for the use of bouncy castles/inflatables in the Centre. Please contact the Venue Manager if you wish to use one. 

Hirers are reminded that proof of PLI (Public Liability Insurance) will be required from the inflatables provider prior to the date of the event. 

Loud bands are not permitted. Music amplified sound must be moderate in volume and cease at the times specified. These will be in accordance with the premises licence. 


Premises close at 11.30pm 




Equipment, decorations and other items may only be removed at night from the Community Centre before 11.30pm. This may require additional hire time with your suppliers (and with us) to enable removal of these items the next day. 

Please respect our neighbour’s privacy and ensure attendees are considerate when vacating the building.

DO NOT blue tack or Tacks are to be used on any walls. Please use the hooks that are already provided in the walls.

You must not  Stick or Tack anything to the Bar.




If food is prepared, served or sold, the hirers are responsible for ensuring that all stages of food preparation and service must meet required health and hygiene standards. 

The kitchen must be left in a clean and sanitary state, all equipment used must be returned to the correct location. Please be respectful of other parties food and beverages in the fridge. 




You are responsible for ensuring that your users/guests clear up any spillages immediately. Please make yourself aware of where the cleaning equipment is kept. 

You are responsible for ensuring that when using equipment that there are no trailing cables/leads, which could cause hazards to users/guests. 

Ensure that all portable equipment, which you/users/guests use, is checked for visual signs of damage before use. 

You are responsible for any electrical equipment used on site. Any electrical equipment brought in for use by external users must have a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT). 

Should the electricity supply require switching off in an emergency, please call the Venue Manager on the contact number below. 

Consideration must be given by you, as to whether parking control is required at your function, with particular attention to control of Disabled parking spaces. 

Decorations should not be hung above normal reach level. Furniture must not be used to stand on for height access. 

The Fire Evacuation Point is situated in the front car park. 




You are responsible for ensuring that security to your function is always maintained. We are unable to accept any responsibility for actions caused by unauthorised guests entering the premises. By hiring a room or the main function room you acknowledge that Riddings Park Community Centre cannot be held liable for any loss, theft or injury that takes place during your period for room hire, apart from any accident or injury as a result of defective premises. 




For security reasons, the only permitted access to the building for the functions and associated supplies and/or equipment will be through the main entrance (front door). All other exits and windows are only to be used to evacuate the building in an emergency. 




You will be responsible for ensuring that the entertainment at your function has the necessary performance licence (if appropriate). Your entertainer will advise you accordingly. By hiring the room you agree to ensure the necessary entertainment licence is in place and agree to identify Riddings Community Centre against prosecution or loss if you fail to arrange this. 




Only alcohol bought from Riddings Park Community Centre can be consumed on the premises. 

If alcohol is found to be bought in from outside vendors, the host will incur a £100 fine. 

We have a Challenge 25 policy. Please ensure you bring Identification. We reserve the right to refuse service.


No glasses are permitted to be taken off the premises, missing glasses may be charged to the hirer at a rate of £2 per glass. 

The smoking area is situated to the Right of the hall, we do not permit smoking out the front of the building. 


Please be aware we do not tolerate the use of any illegal substances on the premises. Should any be used or found during your function, the hirer will be held liable, and the event will be immediately shut down with no refund. The hirer will receive up to a £1000 fine. 




A cleaning fee of £20 will be added to your total fee to support the continued maintenance and upkeep of the Community Centre. 

Please note we DO NOT allow any Party Poppers/ Cannons or Nerf Parties within the Venue. 

Any damages from the use of Party Cannons/ Poppers/ Nerf Guns, will result in a £50 damage fee being issued. 

Riddings Park Community Centre reserves the right to withhold any goods as collaboration for the cost of damages, should the charges not be paid by the client.

RPCC reserves the right to take means of action with the goods in order to recover the cost of damages, should the agreed amount not be paid within 14 days of the incident.


RPCC has a NO TOLERANCE Policy for any uninvited behaviour towards staff and volunteers. This includes any form of aggressive behaviour, including but not limited to; 

Foul language, Intimidating behaviour and threatening of any kind.

Any action of the above, RPCC reserves the right to call the authorities and issue a ban from the premises.


A non refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your booking. 

For Weddings, we require a £150 deposit.

By paying the deposit, you state that you agree to these Terms of Hire


The deposit is non refundable.

If you cancel within 3 months of hire date, the deposit and 20% of the final fee will be invoiced.

If you cancel within 1 month of the hire date, the deposit and 50% of the final fee will be invoiced.

If you cancel within 14 days of the hire date, the entire hire fee will be invoiced and expected to be paid.

If under any circumstance RPCC need to cancel your event, we will reimburse the full booking fee.

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